Schlachthof Session 5

Marquis de Shoelch at the Synth
Nalin, organizer and singer, taking photo
Ty "Performing with Passion" LeBlanc
Again: Ty LeBlanc
Tim in black and white
Loredana and Ty - Two amazing Girls!
Die unglaubliche Laura - Amazing Singer!
Ty - leaves us (almost) speachless
Sebastian und Tim
Tansy with the great voice!
Sebastian - looking at the audiance
The incredible Marquis de Shoelch
Tansy again!
Loredana - Wow!
Loredana w/ Sebastian in the Background
Loredana makes use of her impressive hair
Loredana got what it takes!
Tim always smiling
Sebastian w/ Tim and Jörg in the background
The Guitar and Drums Hero
The Guitar and Drums Hero II
Awsome Band folks
Tim and Sebastian - So nice!
Sebastian, black and white
The Marquis himself, black and white
The handsome Guitarist
Sebastian with different instrument
Ty, drawing everbody's attention
Johannes, Ty, Laura, Loredana quite in a row
Singing on Stage
Loredana looking at me :-)
Tim with Hat